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Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Two Way Radio Antennas

Your VX-450 Series two way radios are designed to be used in the most rigorous and rugged environments imaginable and are even waterproof. Although these radios are as durable as they come, an antenna will occasionally be lost or broken. It is very important for you to have an antenna to insure that your VX-450 Series radios work properly.

If you know which antenna you would like, just click on the item below to learn more. If you would like to speak with a member of the TwoWayRadiosFor.com family to find out which antenna is best for you, just call or chat!

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VX-450 Series UHF Replacement Antenna ATU-16D VX-450 & eVerge Series UHF Stubby Antenna ATU-16DS Vertex VX-450 & eVerge Series VHF Replacement Antenna ATV-16B

Motorola and Vertex UHF Antenna

6" Antenna Included with VX-450 & eVerge

Motorola and Vertex Stubby UHF Antenna

3.5" Antenna for VX-450 & eVerge

Vertex ATV-16B Standard VHF Antenna

6" Antenna Included with VX-450 & eVerge