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Vertex Standard VX-410 and VX-420 Series Two Way Radios

Vertex VX-410 Series and VX-420 Series two way radios have been DISCONTINUED. They have been replaced by the Vertex Standard VX-450 Series. We offer intrinsically safe options for VX-450 Series two way radio walkie talkies.

Click HERE to visit the VX-450 Series page. To order an intrinsically safe radio, first click on the VX-450 Series two way radio walkie talkie that you would like to order. Once you are on the product page, check the "intrinsically safe" button on the right hand side just above the "Add To Cart" button.

Accessories for VX-410 and VX-420 radios, including audio accessories, batteries & charging accessories, belt clips, antennas, and programming cables, are also available. If you have any questions, please just give us a call or chat with us and we will gladly help you!

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ISVX-414-2-5 Pkg-1 VHF Two Way Radio Vertex Standard ISVX-417-4-5 Pkg-1 UHF Two Way Radio
ISVX-414 VHF Intrinsically Safe

Replaced by ISVX-451-D0 High UNI
UHF Intrinsically Safe Radio

Replaced By
ISVX-451-G7 High UNI