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Two Way Radios for Resorts

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Resort Two Way Radio Combo Pack Hotel Two Way Radio Combo Pack Motorola DLR1060 Complete Package - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, 6-Bank Charger
Resort Bundle

6 Radios, 6 Speaker Mics, 1 Bank Charger!

Hotel Bundle

6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, 1 Bank Charger!

Complete DLR1060 Combo Pack

6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger!

Motorola DLR1020 6 Pack Two Way Radio Bundle with Accessories Motorola CP200d Radio Motorola EVX-S24 Portable Digital Two-Way Radio
Motorola CP200d
Our Price: $485.00

6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger

Digital - 2 Channel Two Way Radio
Motorola 4/5 Watt 16 Channel Radio

Analog and Digital

3 Watt 16 Group Digital Radio

Waterproof and Submersible
Motorola DLR1060 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola DLR1020 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
Motorola DLR1060
Our Price: $219.00
Motorola DLR1020
Our Price: $209.00
Digital Clarity - License-Free

1-to-1 Communication & 6-Channels

Perfect for Restaurants & Retail
Digital Clarity - License-Free

1-to-1 Communication & 2-Channels

Perfect for Restaurants & Retail


Motorola and offers a wide variety of two way radio walkie talkies for any need you may have. Whether you need compact, discrete walkie talkies to improve communication between the front desk to other areas, among the maintenance team, or you need rugged waterproof two way radios for safety around the pool or beach, we can help! Improving response time to customer requests, reacting to emergency situations quickly and then notifying the proper people of the situation, and addressing housekeeping issues are all handled more efficiently with two way radio communication.

Earpieces and other audio accessories are available to keep conversations private and professional. Multi-unit chargers will help keep your radios organized so you can save outlet space and monitor your investment. Long-lasting batteries allow you to utilize the same two way radio for multiple shifts. Many two way radios even have more than one channel so you can separate your team into different groups, allowing them to communicate only to those employees who need to hear their message.

Don't see the package you need? Give us a call or e-mail and we'll make a custom package just for you!