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Motorola R Series Two Way Radio Accessories

Below you will find each type of accessory for the Motorola R Series. Simply click on a category to see the accessories within that category. To view all of the available accessories for the Motorola R Series, you will need to click "All R Accessories."

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Motorola Universal Holster for Two Way Radios Motorola Universal Holster

Keeps Radios Secure

For Most Commercial Tier Radios

Our Price: $25.00
Motorola PMLN6530 2-Wire Surveillance Kit Motorola PMLN6530

2 Wire Surveillance Kit

Inline Mic and Push-to-Talk Earpiece

Our Price: $48.00
Motorola PMMN4013A External Speaker Mic PMMN4013A External Speaker Mic

Push-to-Talk Speaker Mic

for Motorola CP200d, CP100d, and CP185

Our Price: $75.00
PMKN4128 Programming Cable for CP200d, R2, and SL300 Motorola PMKN4128 Programming Cable

Change Programming and Settings

For CP200d and SL300 Radios

Our Price: $60.00
Motorola PMLN6532 Swivel Earpiece PMLN6532 Swivel Earpiece

Push-to-Talk Earpiece

for Motorola CP200d and CP100d

Our Price: $27.00
Motorola PMMN4029 Submersible Speaker Mic PMMN4029 Submersible Speaker Mic

Submersible Speaker Mic with Windporting Technology

for Motorola R2

Our Price: $75.00
Motorola PMNN4598 Li-ion 2300T IP55 Battery for R2 Motorola PMNN4598 Li-Ion Battery

Genuine Motorola Battery

Replacement Battery for R2

Our Price: $105.00
Motorola PMAE4079 UHF Whip Antenna for R2 Motorola PMAE4079 UHF Antenna

Genuine Motorola Antenna

Replacement UHF Antenna for R2

Our Price: $15.00
Motorola PMLN7008 Hard Plastic Belt Clip for R2 Motorola PMLN7008 Belt Clip

Genuine Motorola Belt Clip

2.5-in. Plastic Clip for R2

Our Price: $21.00
PMAE4070 Stubby Antenna  440-490MHZ for R2 Motorola PMAE4070 UHF Stubby Antenna, 440-490MHZ

Genuine Motorola Antenna

Stubby UHF Antenna for R2 440-490MHZ

Our Price: $12.00
Motorola PMLN6588 6-Bank Charger for CP200d and R2 Motorola PMLN6588 6-Bank Charger

Motorola CP200d and R2 Bank Charger

Charges 6 Radios

Our Price: $435.00
Motorola PMPN4173 Replacement Charger for CP200d and R2 Motorola PMPN4173 Replacement Charger

Motorola CP200d and R2 Replacement Charger

Includes Power Supply

Our Price: $65.00