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Two Way Radios for Grocery Stores

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Grocery Store Two Way Radio Combo Pack Motorola CLS1110 Complete Package - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, 6-Bank Charger Motorola CLS1410 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
Motorola CLS1410
Our Price: $179.00

Grocery Store Bundle

6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, 1 Bank Charger!

Complete CLS1110 Bundle

6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, 1 Bank Charger!

Motorola Business Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie | 4 Channel

Perfect For Restaurant Communication

56531 CLS Series Multi-Unit Charger / Motorola CLS Charger Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with PTT
Motorola CLS1110
Our Price: $159.00


Charge 6 CLS1110 or CLS1410 Radios with 1 Plug

Motorola Multi-Unit Two Way Radio Charger

Motorola Business Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie | 1 Channel

Perfect For Restaurant Communication

C-Ring Style Earpiece with Push-to-Talk

Our Most Popular Earpiece!

Motorola HKLN4599 Earpiece with Inline PTT
D-Ring Style with Inline Push-to-Talk

Comfortable, Clear, Lightweight

With so many aisles, small items, and customers coming in and out throughout the day, it can be difficult to monitor messes, theft, and inventory. Two way radio walkie talkies with or without earpieces (or other audio accessories) give you the ability to keep an eye on your products and get help quickly if a theft attempt does occur. Two way radios also mean that you can better serve your customers.

Don't know the answer about an inventory, item location, or pricing question they have? All you have to do is press the push-to-talk button on your radio or earpiece and you have access to all of your co-workers. Speed up wait times, employee training, and cleaning time with Motorola two way radio walkie talkies!

Don't see the package you need? Give us a call or e-mail and we'll make a custom package just for you!

The Motorola CLS1110 and Motorola CLS1410 are both one-watt radios and have one-channel and four-channels respectively. The CLS1110 and CLS1410 are Motorola's most popular two way radios because of their simplicity, compact size, and audio quality. These radios will cover up to 200,000 square feet and are hardly noticeable when worn on the belt clip.

If you are going to be using an earpiece and are looking for a radio even smaller than the CLS1110 and CLS1410, then the CLP Series might be right for you! The CLP1010 and CLP1040 are extremely small and light, in part because they do not have an external speaker - they require an earpiece. Fortunately, these walkie talkies will come with an earpiece so that set up and communication are easy right out of the box.

You can also pair your CLS1110 and CLS1410 walkie talkies with earpieces. Both the HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece and the HKLN4599 earpiece are great choices and offer easy push-to-talk communication so that you can have even greater privacy, audio quality, and professionalism.