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Motorola Two Way Radio Rebate
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Motorola RDU4100 6 Bundle with Speaker Mics and 6-Bank Charger Motorola CP200d Radio Motorola RDU4100 UHF Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
Motorola CP200d
Our Price: $482.00

Motorola RDU4100
Our Price: $279.00

RDU4100 Radio Bundle

6 Radios, 6 Speaker Mics, 1 Bank Charger
Motorola 4/5 Watt 16 Channel Radio

Analog and Digital

Motorola 4 Watt 10 Channel UHF Radio

Two Way Radio | Walkie Talkie

RDX Multi-Unit Charger RLN6309 Motorola HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Microphone Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with PTT

RLN6309 RDX Series Multi-Unit Charger

Charge 6 Radios with 1 Outlet!

Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone

Inline Push-To-Talk Communication
C-Ring Style Earpiece with Push-to-Talk

Our Most Popular Earpiece!

Motorola VT100 Body-Worn Camera

Motorola Body Camera

Wi-Fi Streaming

Complements Existing CCTV


Working in a commercial or industrial environment can be extremely dangerous, loud, and dirty. It is important for your communication to be quick and reliable. Two way radios offer efficient communication while also being able to withstand the noisiest and dirtiest of environments. Whether you are operating a crane, forklift, or other heavy machinery, or you're just using a hammer and nails, two way radios will help your team operate as safely as possible. Fast and clear communication can prevent injury and increase work efficiency, but should an emergency still take place, two way radios can speed up reaction time.

Heavy-duty, long-range two way radios are available for any situation. If you have questions about range or what sort of standards these two way radios meet, just give us a call. We would love to help you find the best radio for you!

Don't see the package you need? Give us a call or e-mail and we'll make a custom package just for you!

No matter what sort of industrial or commercial environment you are in, we have a two way radio for you! If you are operating in a smaller area up to 250,000 square feet, the Motorola RMU2040 may be the right radio for you. The RMU2040 is a tough two-watt radio with great audio quality. This radio will work well both indoors and outdoors.

For larger industrial workplaces or environments with lots of steel, concrete, brick, metal, walls, trees, or other objects, you will need to move up to a more powerful radio. The Motorola RDU4100 is great for both indoor and outdoor communication and, at 4-watts, will get the job done in most cases. If you are strictly outdoors, the 5-watt Motorola RDV5100 could be a better option as it tends to perform better in wide open areas.

For your Motorola two way radios, you can pair them with an HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with push-to-talk for private communication. Or, if you want to make sure the message gets across loud and clear, you can pair them with the HKLN4606 speaker microphone.