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CLS Series Two Way Radio Programming Instructions

Good news! You don't need programming cables in order to change the programming on your Motorola CLS1110 or CLS1410 two-way radios. Just watch the videos below or read the instructions below to learn how to quickly reprogram your CLS Series radios. If you want to clone the programming from one CLS radio to another, you will need to purchase the 56531 CLS Series multi-unit charger.

Motorola CLS1110 Programming Video:

Motorola CLS1410 Programming Video:

CLS Series Manual

In order to program your CLS radios, all you have to do is open the user manual to page 28. If you do not have a manual, we have provided a link directly above this paragraph. The manual will give you step by step instructions on how to quickly and easily change your programming (or you can read our instructions below).

To enter programming mode with your CLS radios, simply hold the "mon" button and the push-to-talk button with one hand and then, with the other hand, turn the radio on. Hold these buttons until you hear the beep. You are now in programming mode. You should see "freq. 2" and then "code 1" flashing.

Your CLS1110 radio and channel one of your CLS1410 radio are set default to frequency 2, code 1. Once you enter programming mode, just press the "menu" button and you will see "freq. 2" flashing. All you have to do is use the "+" and "-" buttons to move the frequency up or down to change the frequency. Once you are happy with the frequency, press the "menu" button and then you will be able to change your code. Simply press the push-to-talk button to set the new programming.

If you have any questions or are having trouble, all you have to do is use the user manual, or call or chat to speak with a member of the TwoWayRadiosFor.com family!