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All Accessories for EVX-260 and EVX-530 Series Two Way Radios

Below you will find all compatible accessories for the eVerge EVX-260 and EVX-530 Series. Click on any item below to learn more about it and to see how it works eVerge two way radios.

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P4500V Earpiece for Vertex Two Way Radios Vertex MH-45B4B Heavy Duty External Speaker Mic Standard Ultra Compact Speaker Mic MH-360S

P4500V Ear Bud with Loop and Push To Talk

Our Most Popular Vertex Standard Earpiece!

Vertex Heavy Duty External Speaker Mic

Our Most Durable Speaker Microphone!

MH-360S Ultra Compact Speaker Mic

Incredibly Small Yet Powerful
Vertex Standard MH-450S Speaker Microphone VAC-UNI-B UNI Charger for Vertex Standard FNB-V133LI UNI Battery for eVerge, VX-450, and VX-260
Vertex MH-450S
Our Price: $27.00

Our Price: $34.99

Compact Speaker Microphone MH-450S

Vertex Standard's Most Popular Speaker Mic!

VAC-UNI-B Universal Rapid Charger

For Vertex Radios Using UNI Batteries

Standard 7.4 Volt 1380 mAh 9-Hour Li-Ion

Standard Battery Pack for VX-450 and eVerge

Vertex FNB-V134LI High Capacity UNI Battery CLIP-20 / Vertex Standard Radio Clip for VX-450, VX-260, and eVerge Series VX-450 Series UHF Replacement Antenna ATU-16D
Our Price: $12.00

High-Capacity 7.4 Volt 2300 mAh 15.5-Hour

Li-Ion Battery for Use with VAC-UNI-B Charger

Vertex Replacement Belt Clip

Included with VX-260, VX-450, and eVerge EVX-530

Motorola and Vertex UHF Antenna

6" Antenna Included with VX-450 & eVerge
VX-450 & eVerge Series UHF Stubby Antenna ATU-16DS EC6M-Uni Site Tech Six-Unit Charger S9500V Surveillance Style Headset
EC6M-Uni 6-Unit Charger
Our Price: $299.00

Motorola and Vertex Stubby UHF Antenna

3.5" Antenna for VX-450 & eVerge

Universal Bank Charger for Motorola and Vertex

Charges up to 6 VX-Series Radios!

S9500V Surveillance Style Earpiece

Ideal for Discreet Communication
Vertex Standard MH-37A4B Earpiece Vertex Standard VH-115S Lightweight Headset Vertex Standard VH-215S Padded Headset
Vertex MH-37A4B
Our Price: $39.99
Vertex VH-115S
Our Price: $55.00
Vertex VH-215S
Our Price: $119.85

Vertex MH-37A4B Earbud

For 230, 350, 400, 450, and eVerge Series

VH-115S Lightweight Headset with Boom Mic

for Vertex Two-Way Radios

VH-215S Single Ear Headset with Boom Mic

Ideal for High-Noise Environments

VAC-6058B Six-Unit Charger for Vertex Radios Using UNI Batteries UHF Replacement Antenna ATU-6D ATU-6DS UHF Stubby Antenna

Vertex UNI Multi-Unit Charger: VAC-6058B

Charges up to 6 Vertex Radios!

Motorola and Vertex Replacement Antenna

Standard 6" UHF Antenna

Motorola and Vertex UHF Antenna

3.5" Stubby Replacement Antenna

LCC-451S Leather Holster with Swivel Mount LCC-451SH Leather Holster with Swivel Mount LCC-454/459S Leather Holster with Swivel Mount
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00

Vertex VX-450, VX-260 & eVerge Series

Leather Holster - Protect Your Radios!

Leather Holster with Swivel Mount

VX-451 High, VX-261 High & EVX-531 High

VX-454, VX-459, VX-264, EVX-534, & EVX-539 Series

Leather Holster with Swivel Mount

LCC-454/459SH Leather Holster with Swivel Mount for High Capacity Batteries Vertex VX-450 & eVerge Series VHF Replacement Antenna ATV-16B Motorola and Vertex Programming Cable and Software
Our Price: $42.00

Leather Holster with Swivel Mount for

VX-454/459, VX-264, & EVX-534/539 with High-Capacity Battery

Vertex ATV-16B Standard VHF Antenna

6" Antenna Included with VX-450 & eVerge

Cable and Pigtail for USB Port Computers

*Must Purchase Radio in Unison*

Vertex Standard CT-27A eVerge Series Cloning Cables

Cloning Cable for eVerge Two-Way Radios

Clone Your Radios to Work Together!