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Motorola CM200 Replacement Chart

If you are currently using the Motorola CM200 mobile two way radio, take a look at the chart below to see compatible replacements provided by All Charged Up. The chart below will show the most compatible product that we provide. While these two way radios are compatible, we will still need to verify the programming of your current radios. Programming is free with your purchase of a new two way radio.

As shown by the green highlights in the chart below, the Motorola VX-2100 is more compact and lightweight than the CM200, has a greater warranty, and meets more mil spec standards. The Motorola VX-2200 excels in the same areas and even has more channels than the CM200 as well. Each two way radio mentioned in the chart will be listed at the bottom of the page, so just scroll all the way down to see each radio!

Motorola CM200 Replacement Chart

Just click the links below to take a look at each of the product pages for the VX-2100 and VX-2200. You will be able to purchase the radio and learn more about it. The VX-2100U is the UHF version of the VX-2100 while the VX-2100V is the VHF version. The same is true for the VX-2200 mobile radios listed below.

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VX2100U Business Radio / UHF Mobile Two Way Radio / Motorola VX2100V Business Radio / VHF 50 Watt Mobile Two Way / Vertex Standard Motorola VX-2200-D0-50 PKG-1 Mobile Two Way Radio
VX-2100U Mobile Radio
Our Price: $315.00
Our Price: $319.00
Motorola VX-2200V
Our Price: $355.00
VX-2100 8 Channel UHF 45 Watt Mobile Radio

Great for Vehicles!
Vertex 50 Watt 8 Channel Mobile Radio

Mount in Your Vehicle!
VX-2200V 50 Watt 128 Channel VHF Mobile Radio

Great for Vehicle Communication
Motorola VX-2200-G7-45 PKG-1 Mobile Two Way Radio Motorola CM200d Mobile Two Way Radio Motorola CM300d Mobile Two Way Radio
Our Price: $379.00
45 Watt 128 Channel UHF Mobile Radio

Install in Car or Golf Cart!

16 Channels in Digital and Analog

Perfect for Vehicles
99 Channels in Digital or Analog

Perfect Radio for Vehicles
Motorola CM200d Mobile Two Way Radio Base Station
16 Channels Digital Clarity

Includes Antenna and Speaker Mic