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Motorola and Vertex User Manuals & Data Sheets
Below you will find all of the user manuals and data sheets for every Motorola and Vertex two way radio that we carry. Simply download the PDF you would like. If you do not see what you need or if you have a question, please give us a call!


CLS Series:
CLS Series User Manual
CLS Series Spec Sheet
CLS Series Brochure

CLP Series:
CLP Series User Manual
CLP Series Spec Sheet
CLP Series Brochure

RM Series:
RMU2040/RMM2050 User Manual
RMU2080/RMV2080 User Manual
RMU2080D User Manual
RM Series Spec Sheet
RM Series Brochure
RM Series Quick Reference Guide

RDX Series:
RDX Series Non-Display User Manual
RDX Series Display User Manual
RDU2020/RDU2080D Spec Sheet
RDU4100/RDU4160D Spec Sheet
RDV2020/RDV2080D Spec Sheet
RDV5100 Spec Sheet
RDM User Manual
RDM Spec Sheet

DTR Series:
DTR410 User Manual
DTR410 Spec Sheet
DTR550 User Manual
DTR550 Spec Sheet
DTR Flyer

Vertex Standard:

VX-230 Series:
VX-230 Series User Manual
VX-230 Series Spec Sheet

VX-350 Series:
VX-350 Series User Manual
VX-350 Series Spec Sheet

VX-450 Series:
VX-450 Series User Manual
VX-450 Series Spec Sheet

EXV-530 Series
EVX-530 Series User Manual
EVX-530 Spec Sheet

VX-820 Series:
VX-820 Series User Manual
VX-820 Series Spec Sheet

Mobile Radios and Repeaters:
VX-2100/VX-2200 User Manual
VX-2100/VX-2200 Spec Sheet
EVX-5300/EVX-5400 User Manual
EVX-5300/EVX-5400 Spec Sheet
EVX-R70 Spec Sheet
EVX-R70 Installation Guide
VXR-7000 User Manual
VXR-7000 Spec Sheet
VXR-1000V User Manual
VXR-1000V Spec Sheet

ARTS & ARTS II Fact Sheet