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Motorola RDX Series Two Way Radio Battery & Charging Accessories

Whether you are at a construction site, a manufacturing plant, a school, a hospital, or any other workplace, it is vital that your RDX Series two way radios are fully charged in order to be efficient and effective. TwoWayRadiosFor.com carries a full line of replacement batteries and chargers for all of your RDX Series radios: RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDU4100, RDU4160D, RDV2020, RDV2080D, and RDV5100.

The RLN6351 is the standard battery pack for the RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDV2020, and RDV2080D. The RLN6308 is the standard battery pack for the RDU4100, RDU4160D, and RDV5100, but it will also work with the rest of the RDX Series radios as well, acting as a high-capacity battery for the two-watt radios.

The RLN6175 charging tray and the RPN4054 power supply come standard with all RDX Series two-way radios and work together to charge them. The RLN6304 is the rapid two-hour single-unit charger that works with all RDX radios. Both chargers will charge RDX radios using the RLN6308 battery and RDX radios using the RLN6308 battery.

The RLN6309 is the multi-unit charger that will charge up to 6 RDX radios that are using either the RLN6308 battery or the RLN6308 battery. If you have any questions about the batteries or chargers listed below or about your RDX two way radios, just call or chat to speak with a member of the TwoWayRadiosFor.com family!
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RDX Ultra High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery RLN6308 RDX Multi-Unit Charger RLN6309 RDX Two Hour Rapid Charger Kit RLN6304

Ultra High Capacity Battery for RDX Series

Included with 4/5-Watt RDX Series Radios

RLN6309 RDX Series Multi-Unit Charger

Charge 6 Radios with 1 Outlet!

RLN6304 RDX Series 2 Hour Rapid Charging Kit

For All RDX Series Radios!

RDX Replacement Charging Tray RLN6175 RDX Replacement Charger Power Supply RPN4054 RDX Standard Capacity Lithium Ion Battery RLN6351

RDX Series Standard Replacement Charging Tray

Requires RPN4054 To Work!

RDX Series Standard Charger Power Supply

Requires RLN6175 To Work!

RLN6351 Standard Lithium Ion Battery

Included with 2-Watt RDX Series Radios

Motorola RLN6306 RDX Alkaline Battery Frame Motorola RLN6305 RDX Series High Capacity Battery Pack
RLN6306 RDX Battery Frame
Our Price: $39.99
RDX Series Battery Frame

Up to 24 Hour Charge!

Discontinued High Capacity Battery

Replaced by