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RadioRepair   $119 Two Way Radio Repair
53615-(KEBT-071)   3AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack
53727   53727 Talkabout Earbud with Inline PTT
53728   53728 Talkabout Flexible Earpiece
53815   53815 Lightweight Headset with Boom Mic
53821   53821 XTN Replacement Holster w/Swivel Belt Clip
53862-(HMN9026)   53862 Remote Speaker Microphone
53863   53863 Earpiece With Microphone
53866   53866 Earbud with Lapel Microphone
53879   53879
56320   56320 Talkabout Flexible Boom Headset
56517   56517 Earpiece w/Inline PTT Microphone
56518   56518 Earpiece With Boom Microphone
56531   56531 CLS Series 6-Unit Charger
56553   56553 CLS Series Drop-In Charger
56557   56557 CLS Series Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
89409N   89409N CLP Bluetooth Earpiece
CLIP-18   CLIP-18
CLIP-20   CLIP-20
CLP1010TENBUNDLE   CLP1010 10 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1010TWELVEBUNDLE   CLP1010 12 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1010TWOBUNDLE   CLP1010 2 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1010FOURBUNDLE   CLP1010 4 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1010SIXBUNDLE   CLP1010 6 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1010EIGHTBUNDLE   CLP1010 8 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110TENBUNDLE   CLS1110 10 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110TWELVEBUNDLE   CLS1110 12 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110TWOBUNDLE   CLS1110 2 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110THREEBUNDLE   CLS1110 3 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110FOURBUNDLE   CLS1110 4 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110EIGHTBUNDLE   CLS1110 8 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1110COMPLETEPKG   CLS1110 Combo Pack - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger
CLS1410TENBUNDLE   CLS1410 10 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410TWELVEBUNDLE   CLS1410 12 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410TWOBUNDLE   CLS1410 2 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410FOURBUNDLE   CLS1410 4 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410EIGHTBUNDLE   CLS1410 8 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410COMPLETEPKG   CLS1410 Combo Pack - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger
ConstructionBundle1   Construction Combo Pack - 6 Radio Bundle
CT-27A   CT-27A eVerge Series Cloning Cable
DLR1020TenBundle   DLR1020 10 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020TwelveBundle   DLR1020 12 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020TWOBUNDLE   DLR1020 2 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020FourBundle   DLR1020 4 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020FiveBundle   DLR1020 5 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020SixBundle   DLR1020 6 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020EightBundle   DLR1020 8 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1020Complete12PKG   DLR1020 Combo Pack - 12 Radios, 12 Earpieces, & 12-Bank Charger
DLR1020CompletePKG   DLR1020 Combo Pack - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger
DLR1060TenBundle   DLR1060 10 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060TwelveBundle   DLR1060 12 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060TWOBUNDLE   DLR1060 2 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060FourBundle   DLR1060 4 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060FiveBundle   DLR1060 5 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060SixBundle   DLR1060 6 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060EightBundle   DLR1060 8 Pack Radio Bundle
DLR1060Complete12PKG   DLR1060 Combo Pack - 12 Radios, 12 Earpieces, & 12-Bank Charger
DLR1060CompletePKG   DLR1060 Combo Pack - 6 Radios, 6 Earpieces, & 6-Bank Charger
53968   DTR Cloning Cable 53968
53964   DTR High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery 53964
0105950U15   DTR Programming Cable 0105950U15
53961   DTR Replacement Holster 53961
53969   DTR Series 1-Hour Rapid Charger 53969
53962   DTR Series 53962 Charging Tray
53960   DTR Series Multi-Charger 53960
53963   DTR Standard Capacity Lithium Ion Battery 53963
8505241U04   DTR550/DTR650 Whip Antenna 8505241U04
EVX-5300-G7-PKG-1   EVX-5300U Mobile Radio
EVX-5300-D0-PKG-1   EVX-5300V Mobile Radio
EVX-531-D0-UNI   EVX-531-D0 UNI VHF
EVX-531-G7-UNI   EVX-531-G7 UNI UHF
EVX-534-G7-UNI   EVX-534-G7 UNI UHF
EVX-539-D0-UNI   EVX-539-D0 UNI VHF
EVX-539-G7-UNI   EVX-539-G7 UNI UHF
EVX-5400-G7-PKG-1   EVX-5400U Mobile Radio
EVX-5400-D0-PKG-1   EVX-5400V Mobile Radio
EVX-R70-G7-40-PKG-1   EVX-R70 eVerge Repeater
FNB-V104LI   FNB-V104LI High Capacity Battery (Not UNI)
FNB-V112LI   FNB-V112LI Battery for VX-450 Series
FNB-V113LI   FNB-V113LI High-Capacity Battery for VX-450 Series
FNB-V130LI   FNB-V130LI UNI Battery
FNB-V131LI   FNB-V131LI UNI Battery
FNB-V132LI   FNB-V132LI High Capacity UNI Battery
FNB-V133LI   FNB-V133LI UNI Replacement Battery
FNB-V134LI   FNB-V134LI High-Capacity UNI Battery
FNB-V94   FNB-V94
HCLN4013A   HCLN4013A CLS Replacement Swivel Belt Holster for the CLS1410 and CLS1110
HKKN4025A   HKKN4025A CLP Series CPS Programming Cable
HKKN4026A   HKKN4026A CLP Series Cloning Cable
HKKN4027A   HKKN4027A DLR, RM, CLP, & RDX Series Programming Cable
HKLN4433A   HKLN4433A CLP Magnetic Carry Case
HKLN4437A   HKLN4437A CLP Short Cord Swivel Earpiece with Inline PTT
HKLN4438A   HKLN4438A CLP Swivel Belt Clip Holster
HKLN4440A   HKLN4440A CLP High Capacity Battery Door
HKLN4441A   HKLN4441A CLP Standard Capacity Battery Door
HKLN4455A   HKLN4455A CLP Swivel Earpiece with Inline PTT
HKLN4487A   HKLN4487A CLP Surveillance Earpiece with PTT
HKLN4508A   HKLN4508A CLP MUC Bluetooth POD Charging Conversion Kit
HKLN4509A   HKLN4509A Single Unit Pod Charging Cradle/Power Supply
HKLN4512A   HKLN4512A CLP1060 Bluetooth Pod
HKLN4513A   HKLN4513A CLP Bluetooth Swivel Earpiece w/Inline Mic
HKLN4599   HKLN4599 D-Ring Earpiece with Inline PTT
HKNN4013A   HKNN4013A CLP High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
HKNN4014A   HKNN4014A CLP Standard Li Ion Battery
HKPN4007A   HKPN4007A CLP Multi-Unit Charger
HKPN4008A   HKPN4008A CLP Single Unit Charger
HMN9038   HMN9038 Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone
ISVX-414-2-5-Pkg-1   ISVX-414-2-5 Pkg-1
ISVX-417-4-5-Pkg-1   ISVX-417-4-5 Pkg-1
LCC-351S   LCC-351S
LCC-354S   LCC-354S
LCC-451S   LCC-451S
LCC-451SH   LCC-451SH
LCC-454-459S   LCC-454/459S
LCC-454-459SH   LCC-454/459SH
MAG1001   MAG1001 CLP Magnetic Belt Clip Accessory
ATU-6DS   Motorola ATU-6DS UHF Stubby Antenna
BPR40   Motorola BPR40 UHF
BPR40-V   Motorola BPR40 VHF
CLP1010   Motorola CLP1010
CLP1040   Motorola CLP1040
CLP1040TENBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 10 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1040TWELVEBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 12 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1040TWOBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 2 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1040FOURBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 4 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1040SIXBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 6 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1040EIGHTBUNDLE   Motorola CLP1040 8 Pack Radio Bundle
CLP1060   Motorola CLP1060
CLS1110   Motorola CLS1110
CLS1110SIXBUNDLE   Motorola CLS1110 6 Pack Radio Bundle
CLS1410   Motorola CLS1410
CLS1410SixBundle   Motorola CLS1410 6 Pack Radio Bundle
CP185-LKP   Motorola CP185
CP200d   Motorola CP200d
DLR1020   Motorola DLR1020
DLR1060   Motorola DLR1060
DTR410   Motorola DTR410
DTR410-10Pack   Motorola DTR410 10 Pack Radio Bundle
DTR410-5Pack   Motorola DTR410 5 Pack Radio Bundle
DTR550   Motorola DTR550
DTR550-10Pack   Motorola DTR550 10 Pack Radio Bundle
DTR550-5Pack   Motorola DTR550 5 Pack Radio Bundle
8505241U06   Motorola DTR550/650 Stubby Antenna 8505241U06
DTR650   Motorola DTR650
EVX-261-D0-UNI   Motorola EVX-261-D0 UNI
EVX-261-G7-UNI   Motorola EVX-261-G7 UNI
HKLN4477A   Motorola HKLN4477A Surveillance Mic
HKLN4601   Motorola HKLN4601
HKLN4601-6P   Motorola HKLN4601 6-Pack
HKLN4604-12P   Motorola HKLN4604 C-Ring Swivel Earpiece 12-Pack
HKLN4604-6P   Motorola HKLN4604 C-Ring Swivel Earpiece 6-Pack
HKLN4604   Motorola HKLN4604 C-Ring Swivel Earpiece with PTT
HKLN4606   Motorola HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Mic
HKLN4615   Motorola HKLN4615 Belt Clip Holster
HLN8255B   Motorola HLN8255B Belt Clip for CP200d
HLN9844   Motorola HLN9844 Belt Clip
HNN9008AR   Motorola HNN9008AR NiMH HT/MTX Series Battery
NAD6502AR   Motorola NAD6502AR VHF Antenna
NNTN4497   Motorola NNTN4497 Li-Ion Battery
PMAE4003   Motorola PMAE4003 UHF Stubby Antenna
PMAE4016A   Motorola PMAE4016A UHF Antenna
PMLN5398   Motorola PMLN5398 Charger
PMLN6588   Motorola PMLN6588 6-Bank Charger
PMLN6597   Motorola PMLN6597 6-Bank Charger
PMNN4080   Motorola PMNN4080 Li-Ion Battery
PMNN4476   Motorola PMNN4476 Li-Ion Battery
PMPN4173   Motorola PMPN4173 Replacement Charger
HNN9044AR   Motorola Radius Battery Pack HNN9044AR
RDM2020   Motorola RDM2020
RDM2080D   Motorola RDM2080D
RDU2020   Motorola RDU2020
RDU2080D   Motorola RDU2080D
RDU4100   Motorola RDU4100
RDU4100HPBundle   Motorola RDU4100 High Power Radio Package
RDU4160D   Motorola RDU4160D
RDV2020   Motorola RDV2020
RDV2080D   Motorola RDV2080D
RDV5100   Motorola RDV5100
RDV5100SIXBUNDLE   Motorola RDV5100 Two Way Radio 6 Pack Bundle
RMM2050   Motorola RMM2050
RMM2050TENBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 10 Pack Radio Bundle
RMM2050TWELVEBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 12 Pack Radio Bundle
RMM2050TWOBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 2 Pack Radio Bundle
RMM2050FOURBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 4 Pack Radio Bundle
RMM2050SIXBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 6 Pack Radio Bundle
RMM2050EIGHTBUNDLE   Motorola RMM2050 8 Pack Radio Bundle
RMU2040   Motorola RMU2040
RMU2040SIXBUNDLE   Motorola RMU2040 6 Pack Radio Bundle
RMU2080   Motorola RMU2080
RMU2080D   Motorola RMU2080D
RMV2080   Motorola RMV2080
SL300   Motorola SL300

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