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Motorola DTR550

Motorola DTR550 Two Way Radio
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Buy 6 & Choose Your Reward

*For every 6 DTR550 Motorola Two-Way Radios you purchase between September 1 and December 31, 2014 you will get to choose your reward.  Choose ONE of the following: Free DTR radio or a multi-unit charger.  You can choose your reward when you process your rebate online after you receive your radios.  Your free items will ship directly to you from Motorola. 

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For Large Order Pricing On The DTR550 Call: 888-560-0758 or Send a Chat Request or E-Mail.

The Motorola DTR550 Digital Series Two way Radio brings Digital Technology to your fingertips. 

The DTR550 allows for both Group and Individual Communication, offers crystal clear communication, and exceptional range.  The Motorola DTR550 is lightweight, durable, and offers exceptional battery life  Additionally, the DTR offers the convenience of Caller ID so you know who's calling, a directory of users, and the ability to send short text messages via a computer or a keypad. 

DTR550 Digital Radio Standard Equipment

  • One DTR550 Digital Radio
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack (up to 14.5 hrs of life per charge)
  • Charging Adapter and Stand Up Drop-In Charging Tray for use with the DTR550
  • DTR550 Swivel Belt Holster 
  • DTR550 User Guide - CD-ROM
  • DTR550 Quick Reference Guide
  • 1-Year Warranty, Warranty Card.  You can also purchase a 12 month extended warranty for the DTR550 by adding 1- DTRW to your cart for each radio purchased now or at checkout.

The Motorola DTR550 is a 900 MHz ISM License-free band two-way radio

The DTR550 has 100 non-overlapping groups.  Unlike analog radios, multiple group communications can occur simultaneously on the same channel. 

Power and Coverage

The DTR550 provides coverage of up to 325,000 sq. ft., 30 floors and 2 - 4 miles

Private Calling: one-to-one communication

Up to 20 Public Groups - 5 factory default Public Groups - Transmitting Unit ID and Group Name displayed while receiving - Public Group Scan (Up to 10 per Channel)

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Text Messaging

Factory default Quicknotes (5 preset) - Quicknotes can be modified using Programming Software - Up to 15 Quicknotes

Rugged and Water Resistant

Durable metal die cast chassis helps radios hold up under demanding conditions.  The DTR550 meets Military 810 C, D, E, F and IP54/55 specifications for shock, rain, humidity, salt, fog, vibration, sand, dust, temperature shock, and high and low temperatures.  This essentially means the DTR550 radios will take a beating.  While the DTR550 radios aren't indestructible, they are designed to withstand a 5 foot drop on concrete, driving rains, and the dirtiest of environments.

 Digital Audio Quality

The DTR550 stays loud and clear everywhere you have coverage.

Flexible and Durable Battery Life Solutions

The DTR550 comes standard with a LiIon battery (up to 14.5 hrs of life per charge). 


The DTR550 radios come with a One Year Full Replacement Warranty. 

Extended Warranty Available

An extended 12 month warranty is available for purchase as well.  You can add the extended warranty for each unit above by clicking the tab and the cost will be added to your total.  To view details of the 12 month extended warranty go to:  12 Month Warranty Extension

Download PDFs:

DTR550 Manual

Why Buy The DTR550 Digital Two-Way Business Radio?

The better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates.  The DTR550 is the power tool that enables that communication.  Unlike alternative technologies, there are  NO MONTHLY RECURRING CHARGES.  NO SERVICE TOWERS.  NO PER-MINUTE CHARGES.

These durable on-site two-way radios help businesses keep operations on schedule, maximize job shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction.  It all adds up to a superb combination of features for your convenience, management and productivity - all at an extraordinary value.

Who Buys The DTR550?

The DTR550 also known as the 506-DTR550 is designed for industries such as: Construction, Retail, Warehousing, Education, Property Management, Manufacturing,Hospitality,Entertainment, and Retail

Retail:  Apparel, Hardware, Pharmacy, Nursery, Liquor, Gas Stations, Car Dealers, Car Wash

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce shrink
  • Answer customer questions quickly
  • Quickly get stock & price checks
  • Instantly deploy workers where needed
  • Accelerate training of new hires

Industrial:  Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution Centers

  • Improve assembly line operations
  • Quickly request help, supplies, maintenance, quality control
  • Expedite requests & rush orders
  • Instantly react to injuries or emergencies
  • Critical for disaster preparedness
  • Increase safety and security

Property Management:  Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Apartments, Condos, Office Buildings, Sports Complexes

  • Improve response time to guest needs
  • Maximize productivity of staff
  • Increase safety & security for guests, staff
  • Coordinate events, banquets, meetings
  • Make new hires more productive
  • Respond quickly to emergencies

Schools: K-8, High, College, Athletics, Dormitory, Day Care

  • Instantly talk to teachers & staff
  • Increase safety & security for students, teachers, staff
  • Respond quickly to emergencies
  • Monitor crosswalks, playgrounds, facilities, dorms, parking lots, bus loading
  • Coordinating events, athletics, field trips


Contractors:  Construction, Electrical, Interconnects, Mechanical, Installers, Comm Data

  • Supervise subs, crews, operators 
  • Coordinate wire pulling & installations
  • Manage deliveries & materials
  • Increase safety & security for workers
  • Respond quickly to emergencies
  • Critical for disaster preparedness

Food Service:  Restaurant, Banquet, Cafeteria, Bars, Meeting & Convention Facilities

  • Improve table turns, increase revenue
  • Reduce customer wait time
  • Clean & set tables faster
  • Notify wait staff when orders are ready
  • Coordinate runners & replenishment
  • Make new hires more productive

Motorola 2 way radios are designed to provide better communication throughout the organization.  Two way radios are sometimes referred to as walkie talkie radios.  Motorola two way radios come in many sizes but most of the Motorola hand held radios we sell are small and compact.  We provide both UHF and VHF 2 way radios as well as two way radio sets.  All radios on the same order will be programmed to work with each other.  We can provide custom 2 way radios to match your specific needs in most cases.  We discount Motorola two way radios based on volume.  The price reflected above is already a substantial savings over the Motorola suggested retail price.  We do supply long range walkie talkie and long range two way radios options and offer repeaters systems to achieve your specific communication needs.  Motorola portable radios can be outfitted with Motorola radio accessories to complete your communication needs.  We sell a full line of headsets, replacement battery packs, charges and antennas.  We offer a full line of Motorola Two Way Radios and have two way radio reviews listed throughout the site.  We offer two way radios business & industrial supply & MRO commercial radios by Motorola as well as Vertex Standard.  You can also find Motorola two way radio owner’s manuals, programming guides and other information listed for each radio.  You can download Motorola 2 way radios software by visiting Motorola com.  Most programming software is the same for UHF radios and VHF radios.  You can increase radios by purchasing multiple radios at the same time to build your own Motorola two way radio sets.   


A Motorola business two-way radio can pay for itself in less than 2 months.  If each employee saves 5 minutes per hour, watch your savings multiply...


Hourly rate

including benefits

Each radio pays

for itself in...

Annual savings for a

10-person staff

$8 Per Hour
35 days $14,000
$12 per Hour 24 days $21,000
$18 per Hour 12 days $42,000

 * Based on calculations using $189 radio and on the hypothetical hourly wages of an employee.