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Two Way Radios for Haunted Houses

Buy 6 Radios, Get a Free 6-Bank Charger and Prepaid Card!

For every 6 Motorola two way radios that you purchase between September 1st, 2017 and December 31st, 2017, you will receive a free 6-bank charger and a prepaid card (amount varies by series) via online rebate. The customer is responsible for retaining all required packaging and paperwork and for submitting the rebate application online at www.myradioreward.com within the designated timeframe. All claims must be submitted by January 15th, 2018. See full details here.

While surprising customers is the goal of a haunted house or trail, it's also important to make sure you aren't surprised! One of the best ways to do that is by having crystal clear communication with two way radio walkie talkies. Knowing exactly when a patron is turning the corner or entering a certain part of the maze and monitoring the number of patrons can be difficult tasks, but are made simple with the help of two way radios. Using discrete communication with earpieces and other audio accessories allows for great opportunity to scare your customers as effectively as possible!

Not only do two way radios improve communication, they also assist with safety - both for your patrons and for your employees! Haunted houses, mazes, and trails are dark and crowded places, often having objects and people popping out in surprise. All of these things can contribute to an accident or injury. It's important to have quick reaction time and the ability to resolve emergencies quickly and two way radios give you the ability to do just that.

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Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola CLS1410 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
Motorola CLS1110
Our Price: $159.00

Motorola CLS1410
Our Price: $179.00

Motorola CLP1010
Our Price: $199.00

Motorola Business Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie | 1 Channel

Perfect For Restaurant Communication

Motorola Business Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie | 4 Channel

Perfect For Restaurant Communication

Comfortable. Lightweight. 1 Channel.

Includes Swivel Earpiece

Motorola RMU2040 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola RDU4100 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola RDV5100 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
Motorola RMU2040
Our Price: $209.00

Motorola RDU4100
Our Price: $279.00

Motorola RDV5100
Our Price: $259.00

RMU2040 2 Watt 4 Channel UHF

Up to 250,000 Square Feet of Range!

Motorola 4 Watt 10 Channel UHF Radio

Two Way Radio | Walkie Talkie

Motorola 5 Watt VHF Two Way Radio

10 Channels for Communication
Motorola HKLN4599 Earpiece with Inline PTT Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with PTT Motorola CLS1410 6 Radio Bundle
D-Ring Style with Inline Push-to-Talk

Comfortable, Clear, Lightweight
C-Ring Style Earpiece with Push-to-Talk

Our Most Popular Earpiece!

1 Watt 4 Channel

Compact Size, Clear Communication

Motorola RDU4100 High Power Radio Package Motorola RMU2040 Two Way Radio 6 Pack Bundle
High-Power Package

Rugged and Durable

2-Watt 4-Channel UHF 6 Pack

Bundle of 6 Two Way Radios


Haunted houses and trails can vary in size and environment so it is important to choose the correct two way radio for your specific needs. For smaller haunted houses, you will want to take a look at the Motorola CLS1110 or Motorola CLS1410. These walkie talkies will cover up to 200,000 square feet in most circumstances and are compact and lightweight. These would be great walkie talkies for smaller, more subdued haunted environments that are mostly indoors.

The Motorola CLP1010 is very similar to the CLS1110 and CLS1410 and is ideal for similar situations. The CLP1010 is actually smaller and more lightweight than the CLS radios. This is mostly because there is no external speaker - the CLP1010 must be used with an earpiece, but an earpiece is included with the radio for you to use.

For a slightly bigger haunted house or trail, the Motorola RMU2040 will communicate up to 250,000 square feet and is great for both indoor and outdoor rugged environments. The RMU2040 has outstanding audio quality and can withstand drops outside. For even larger haunted trails or houses, the Motorola RDU4100 and Motorola RDV5100 are as powerful as any radio you will find. The RDU4100 is perfect for environments that need to communicate both indoors and outdoors while the RDV5100 is better for strictly outdoor use such as corn mazes or tractor rides.